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February 23
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TL-4 by TurboSolovey TL-4 by TurboSolovey

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The mech concept. I used the 3ds max, vray and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Also you can see the 3d model of this mech:

Please, download and read the HD version! (Free)


Top secret.

Brief information on the "TL-4" trophy sample.
The original copy was sent to XXXXXXX, engineering department XXXXXXX LLC. to comrade XXXXXXX and comrade XXXXXXX.

This document was created by comrade Soloviev.
Moscow, 2014

This prototype of the heavy assault mech TL-4 is the latest development of the MIC probable enemy, its detailed study is of great importance in maintaining a high defense capacity of our Motherland.
This certificate includes 8 pages with the indicative characteristics of technical means as well as its strengths and weaknesses; one can also find its schemes.

The general view of the product is recreated with the help of computer technologies basing on the trophy sample study ("рис.1" and 5). The ortographic projections are shown in "рис. 4". The performance characteristics on the basis of computer modeling are as follows:
Crew 1 person; Height ~14,5 meters; The average rate of movement on the flat terrain is about 72 km/H.

The mech is equipped with two universal hardpoints (а) for the mounting of various weapons types on the turret ("рис.2"). It is supposed that the main weapon will be a three-barrelled automatic 120mm cannon ("рис.3") with 60 rounds per minute rate of fire and a selective choice of ammunition. For the first time in the world practice the ammunition is based not inside but outside the body in special armored magazines (б). Experts believe that such placement of ammunition increases the survivability of combat vehicles and the crew in case a detonation happens, because the main energy of the explosion will be directed outwards. The cartridges are placed perpendicular to the turret’s symmetrical axis. The machine feeding the cartridge is placed in front of the magazine (в). The machine can rotate a cartridge 90 degrees as well as send it to the chamber down the ammunition feed sleeve (г).
One can also see optical and electro-optical observation devices (д), sensors monitoring the threat (е), cooling radiators (ж) and smokescreen blocks (з) on the turret ("рис.2").
The cannon ("рис.3") is equipped with a rotating block of barrels (а), which is rotated by the gearbox (б), which, in its turn, ends with a muzzle break (в). There is a framework chronograph (г) on the break to measure the speed of a shell.

The hull ("рис.6") is used to carry the motor and drive mechanism. The access to the mechanism is possible with the help of folding trapdoor (a) and little hatches (б). There are the following on the lower part of the body: radiators cooling the engine (в), boxes for spare parts (г) and additional armor plate (д).
The "рис.7" shows the mech legs design. For clear presentation, the armor plates are conventionally not shown. The feet drive is done with the help of hydraulic cylinders (a) and (б), the foot is propelled by a telescopic hydraulic cylinder (в). To avoid injuries as well as to mount armor plates the safety brackets are used (г). The foot consists of two links united by a shock absorber (д).

The prototype’s security and fire-power is classified as high. The prototype’s weight (58,9T) allows it to stay on feet when exposed to a shock wave of a nuclear explosion with a capacity of up to 10 kilotons at a distance from the epicenter not less than 25-30km.
Notwithstanding this fact, the mech has some vulnerabilities and design flaws: the apparent location of ammunition, the impossibility to fully protect the legs with armor plates due to their design, thus making vulnerable the support structure or cylinders; the impossibility to fire on high angles of elevation cannons in movement (due to low rise turret) because, when maneuvering the turret, the safety bracket of the weapons suspension rests on the site where the legs  are fastened to the hull.

The scheme of the leg.
(the armor plates are conventionally not shown)

The scheme of the hull.

The scheme of the turret.

The scheme of the autocannon.

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